Open Borders Convenient for Assassination Scheme
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The Mexico connection in this story, ["N.Va. Man Indicted in Plot Against Bush"], has been given almost no media attention in the 24/7 Katrina coverage, but it should be another wake-up call regarding the criminal neglect of America's borders. It's no surprise that Mexico is a handy staging area for terrorist enterprises, given the alarming decrease in the rule of law there.

An American student was charged yesterday in an al Qaeda plot to kill President Bush, with prosecutors alleging that Ahmed Omar Abu Ali and his confederates planned to use multiple snipers to shoot Bush or to blow him up in a suicide bombing.

The expanded indictment of Abu Ali, returned by a federal grand jury in Alexandria, also claimed for the first time that he proposed a plan to bring members of an al Qaeda cell into the United States through Mexico.They would then link up with Abu Ali to conduct terrorist operations in this country, the indictment said.

Instead, there has been warm and fuzzy media coverage of the Mexican Army providing "aid" in the Katrina disaster, e.g "This Mexican army incursion a mission of mercy" which includes a cheerful Mexican flag welcome for the troops. (Of course, el Presidente Fox would surely appreciate his humanitarian offering being repaid by a full amnesty for millions of illegal alien Mexicans by his dear friend George Bush.)

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