More on U.S. Taxpayer aid to Katrina Illegals
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More on U.S. taxpayer aid to illegal aliens from Mexico who were "displaced" by Katrina. From

"Mexico's President Vicente Fox helped persuade the U.S. government to relax controls on illegal immigrants so they can receive aid for victims of Hurricane Katrina." "Mexico's Fox Says U.S. to Give Disaster Aid to Illegal Migrants"- September 9, 2005

Umm... relax controls on illegal "immigrants"? What controls? An illegal alien from Mexico has a better chance of being struck by lightning than being "controlled" by the Bush regime. Fox did his ppersuading long ago, and the tragedy of the hurricane devastation has merely provided another way to advance the already obvious policy of open borders and the sovereignty - for - labor Bush betrayal.

From El Presidente Fox:


'Those who don't have documents at this time in that region of the U.S. won't be subject to any pressure or persecution so they can obtain assistance from American authorities,'' Fox said in a Sept. 2 speech in the southern Mexican city of Morelia.

Enforcement of American immigration laws...if it were ever to happen , in "this region " - or any other in the U.S. - is apparently "persecution". The Mexican president is as arrogant as the American president is guilty of surrendering the country he is sworn to protect.

The Bloomberg piece goes on:

"The U.S. has also said it won't sanction companies that hire workers displaced by Hurricane Katrina who cannot present appropriate documents".

Essentially, "willing employers" and "willing workers" will not be treated any differently after the hurricane than they were before it hit. Not much news here...except that they are now comfortable to say it out loud and in public.

The Katrina amnesty?

Three weeks ago, Bush was on the defensive after the Democratic governors of Arizona and New Mexico declared states of emergency because of the ongoing invasion . The sighs of relief from the administration that news of the tragedy on the Gulf coast has all but erased that story from the MSM can be heard all the way here in Georgiafornia.

As can the footsteps of the Mexican troops.

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