One Old Vet Warns On Amnesty Defeat Euphoria
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Amnesty RIP

H/T One Old Vet

The utterly indispensible One Old Vet news aggregation blog has posted Amnesty for Illegal Aliens Dead – Don’t Be So Sure which links to an essay with the same title at Richard Viguerie’s Conservative HQ site and also offers a selection of 8 other stories on this development.

OOV sagaciously highlights remarks by the wonderful Senator Jeff Sessions

In Sessions’ estimation it all comes down to “who do you represent” and that “some of the CEOs think we exist to provide them all the foreign labor they desire at any given time.”

“We [opponents of amnesty] represent the American people. The majority of the American people, by far, a substantial majority, are working Americans who live on a salary and they hope to do better each year and this huge surge of immigration is a direct factor in reducing their wages. We’re seeing a decline in wages, not an increase, and this is in large part–when you have more labor, the price of labor goes down. So first of all, we need to know who we’re representing.”

OOV has separately posted an editorial comment, a rare event indicating major provocation: WASHINGTON TIMES Editorial Pronounces Amnesty Dead – I’m Not So Sure ~ OOV. This links to Farewell to amnesty Thursday November 14, 2014 and comments

I mean, does ANYONE really believe that we won’t be dealing with this issue when Congress reconvenes next year? Seriously?

Amnesty, incredible as it may sound, may be the only thing that the Dems will have to beat the GOP over the head with, and to divert attention of the American People given that the Dems themselves will be dealing with the fallout of “Benghazi”, IRS targeting the Tea Party, Fast and Furious and of course ObamaCare.

Of course this is quite true and it is also true that Boehner is untrustworthy.

But nevertheless, as Peter Brimelow observed in Grassroots Firestorm Scorches Boehner: No Senate/House Amnesty Conference the only reason Boehner and his gang are defying their owners is fear of the Republican rank and file aka the American Nation. This is an important victory.

The troops deserve a cheer. And they need to be told they have power.

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