One Old Vet: 3 Amnesty Collections, 66 Items – But MSM Allowed Only 4 Patriots Access.
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H/T One Old Vet

I keep getting lapped by the incredible industriousness of One Old Vet. Since I last reported three compendiums of Amnesty news have been published, containing 19 on Friday, 32 on Saturday, and 11 today.

This is in addition to particularly important items posted separately  Amongst these is the outrageous news the Janet Napolitano has arrogantly refused to take time off from proclaiming the border secure to meet with representatives with the border patrol’s Union – which has been playing an heroic role disrupting the 2013 Amnesty marketing campaign but which indisputably knows the facts.

As usual, virtually all the stories are Amnesty cheerleading and triumphalism. Almost no statements of opposition were allowed, none at all in the major MSM.

Friday’s collection picked up the invaluable Paul Mulshine’s Shortage of labor? No, there's a shortage of honest politicians The Star Ledger April 11, 2013. This denounces

...Lindsey Graham, perhaps the biggest hack in the Senate these days. Graham regularly sells his vote to the so-called "neo" conservative lobby to go against American interests in the area of defense.

And he seems to be selling his vote to business leaders looking for cheap labor as well.

Check out this piece on the Center for Immigration Studies site…Read the whole thing. As Steve Camarota notes, that nonsense about "jobs Americans won't do" is really shorthand for "jobs Americans won't pay to have done."


Saturday’s 32-strong collection carried our old friend Mike Scruggs' column Does Congress Care about American Workers? The Tribune April 12, 2013 which is as succinct a condemnation of the selfishness of the Amnesty advocates as one could wish:

Since the extraordinarily shortsighted Immigration Act of 1965…U.S. immigration laws have benefited new immigrants and employers looking for cheaper labor costs. Their benefit was, however, at the expense of most American workers and taxpayers. The business lobbies whose constituents benefited from this reallocation of wealth soon realized that they possessed a highly profitable competitive advantage dependent on a steady supply of cheap foreign labor, legal or illegal…

Harvard Labor Economist George Borjas, himself a Cuban immigrant, has aptly described our present immigration system as a transfer of wealth from American workers and taxpayers, to new immigrants and business interests using cheap foreign labor…real wage suppression is probably over $2,600 per year per worker—a $372 billion dollar annual dent in the buying power of over 143 million American workers, based on the March 2013 BLS Household Survey…

Schumer, by the way, was a key instigator in blocking one of the 1986 Act’s enforcement provisions. Don’t expect a different Schumer in 2013.


I was encouraged to see in Why immigration reform is so tricky April 12, 2013 our much-missed former contributor Joe Guzzardi saying

As of today the Senate plans to reveal its 1,500-page bill on Tuesday and then hold a single hearing the following day. No one on either side of the aisle can read 1,500 pages of dense congressional legislation overnight. The Senate’s heavy-handed effort to ram the bill through will raise the ire of the already incensed opposition which includes some Democrats.

Whatever the Senate bill’s final form may be, it will not have enough votes to pass. House legislation will be dead on arrival.

Joe was similarly confident in the Bush Amnesty Wars, and proved (to our surprise) to be right. I hope he remains prescient.

Sunday’s compendium had a single Patriotic statement (out of 11) - Repackaging amnesty as 'immigration reform' won't fool Americans By Jonette Christian Maine Sunday Telegram, another highly competent synopsis of the situation:

Expanding labor markets has depressed wages and generated enormous wealth at the top. But the immigrants' low wages didn't generate enough taxes to cover the public services they required. And taxpayers picked up the bill: One quarter of immigrant households use means-tested programs. In short, the enormous profit from cheap labor is private, but the costs are public…

…we don't have an expanding middle class. Many recent immigrants are struggling.. We have record unemployment, growing poverty and stagnant wages. We face massive fiscal debt, a crumbling infrastructure, unfunded entitlements and obscene income disparities.

In short, it defies common sense that in the midst of this astounding mismanagement of our national interest, politicians want to "reform" immigration with another massive amnesty and expansion in foreign workers. We need reform, but not this kind.

New Jersey’s Star Ledger…North Carolina’s Tribune…California’s Lodi News…the Maine Sunday Telegram. This is the best “MSM” exposure Patriots have been able to get - for excellent work. Of course this fits with the Sunday Talk Show shutout.

Debate is not to be allowed in the Treason Lobby’s America. It is not part of the new management's tradition.

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