Return To OOV: 23 Amnesty News Collections, 88% Amnesty Cheerleading
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H/T One Old Vet

Having been on the road and off line for most of the past 3 weeks I poured a stiff drink and caught up with One Old Vet today. The new host makes the site much more efficient: OOV continues to be the default news source on the 2013 Amnesty campaign.

Since my last review OOV has posted 23 Amnesty news compendiums containing on my reckoning 550 items. Of these on my count fully 88.4% - 486 – were either Amnesty cheerleading or triumphalism – and most of the remainder just expressions of skepticism about the smoothness of the process. As Mickey Kaus has observed, the MSM exclusion of dissent is virtually total.

Perhaps the most prominent senior MSM exception was Professor Jan Ting’s success in getting  No limits on immigration, or enforced limits? into the Philadelphia Inquirer on April 1st 2013. This was caught by OOV in a monster 55 item compendium on April 2cnd. And I have to say Ting, whose work I previously applauded in Fine Anti Amnesty Op-Ed Allowed By MSM !!!! (In Waxahachie, Texas) may have smuggled his essay in by structuring it so that to a careless sub editor it might have appeared a loonie libertarian open borders argument:

The hardest thing about enforcing a limit on immigration is requiring us to say no to people who remind us of our ancestors, who are neither criminals nor national security threats, who just want to work hard for a better life. And if they come in violation of our limit, we have to deport them to raise the costs of illegal immigration and deter other would-be illegal immigrants.

Can we do that? If not, we should declare the borders open to all hardworking immigrants like our ancestors. We can save billions in taxpayer dollars spent trying to enforce immigration limits.

Other than that, reasoned statements of opposition were very scarce and in minor publications or MSM associated blogs.  An good sample of the former was Blanket amnesty will worsen our problems by Bill Perry The Valley Breeze 4/3/2013

The numbers are too large. Race, religion, ethnicity - none of these matter. It's the numbers, pure and simple. Our population growth is unsustainable. We cannot provide education, health care, jobs, infrastructure - the list goes on. Almost all the growth is due to immigration (both legal and illegal.)

Of the latter,  Immigration issue has always been about cheap labor Jay Bookman blog April 2, 2013

An impressively cogent denunciation of the Mormon Establishment’s pro-Amnesty shift was Church ignores economic wreckage after illegals' amnesty by Vicki Martin Standard Examiner 03/22/2013

Mark Krikorian continues to serve his lonely gun at NRO, for instance in More Echoes of the Last Amnesty March 31 2013 - but on the evidence of these collections, his colleagues are not helping. The 1986 theme was echoed by Daniel Greenfield at Frontpage The New Amnesty Isn’t Amnesty Except It Is – Part V April 8, 2013 and Who’s Ready for an 80s Amnesty Flashback? Enforcement! Comprehensive! Legalization! April 1, 2013

One Old Vet posted separately perhaps the funniest/most outrageous  story Sen. Graham helps import Jamaicans for work at elite country club by Neil Munro The Daily Caller 04/02/2013

In February, Graham told a Rotary Club lunch in Easley, S.C., that he helped get H-2B guest-worker visas for the country club’s 2012 season…

In exchange for easing the import of foreign workers Graham received greater support from the business community, including political donations from Kiawah’s manager and owner.

Time for another stiff drink - or three.


H/T One Old Vet

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