One Of Those White Supremacist Terrorists Whom Joe Biden Is Always Warning Us About Has Been Caught
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Earlier (2010) Mosque Arsonist In Georgia Does Not Own A Confederate Flag

From CBS News yesterday:

“We simply cannot normalize these incidents”: Suspected arson damages St. Paul Islamic center


MAY 17, 2023 / 6:06 PM / CBS MINNESOTA

ST. PAUL, Minn.—The St. Paul Fire Department is investigating a suspected case of arson at an Islamic center early Wednesday.

Few details were initially available, but the fire is said to have happened at Tawhid Islamic Center of Minnesota, which is on the 400 block of Dale Street. Crews responded at about 8:45 a.m. on a report of flames coming from the building.

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter called out this latest attack on a place of worship.

“I’m disgusted,” Carter said. …

Police officials saying they will increase patrols at mosques across the city, and Carter promised he’ll lobby to raise funds for more security cameras.

“If you come anywhere near a mosque in St. Paul, be prepared to say cheese, because you will be on camera, and we will be able to see you,” Carter said.

… Rep. Samakab Hussein, whose district houses the center, issued the following statement:

“I am frustrated that sacred spaces Minnesotans use to practice religion are being violently attacked. We simply cannot normalize these incidents of hate. I urge all Minnesotans to come together in solidarity to combat these atrocious actions and uplift our Muslim community. The freedom of religion is essential to a free and democratic society. It allows people to practice their faith without fear of persecution or discrimination. It also allows people to explore different faiths and to learn about different cultures.

“I call on all Americans to join us in condemning these attacks and in defending the freedom of religion. We also call on law enforcement to do everything in their power to bring the perpetrators of these attacks to justice.”

But from KSTP today:

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