One Cheer for UKIP's Call For Halt To Unskilled Immigration, Support For "Points System"
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UKIP MEP Patrick O'Flynn says the United Kingdom needs to stop unskilled immigration because of its negative effect on wages.

Speaking at a metal components factory, Mr O’Flynn said Ukip’s plan for a five-year ban on unskilled migrants and an ­Australian-style points system for selecting skilled migrants could transform the economy.

“With a points system, migration could be turned into a large and unarguable net economic positive,” he said.

“Ukip can be the party to give immigration a good name again, maximising the social as well as the economic gain per new arrival admitted into the country.”

He said several leading economists had acknowledged that the massive influx of low-skilled migrants from other EU countries over the past decade had depressed wages in Britain.

He said: “Foreign nationals are imported to fill jobs at the bottom end of the pay scale.

“Even where the workers are young and single their tax contribution is likely to be overwhelmed by the added costs of public services consumption and in-work entitlements such as housing benefit.

[Ukip call for migrant cut: Influx of unskilled migrants has only 'kept wages down,' by Macer Hall, Express, March 24, 2015]

There's some truth here, as the importation of foreign nationals to do the jobs "natives won't do" has been utterly disastrous in Western nations as well as degrading to everyone involved.  Making the case that it is an economic negative because of the drain on social services is also important.

But is the goal of the party really to "give immigration a good name again?"  Importing skilled workers has the same kind of wage deflation effect as bringing in unskilled workers, as we know from the American experience with H1-B visas.  It also renders national investment in education and infrastructure unimportant because companies will simply import educated workers that can provide labor at a cheaper price.

Besides, is Australia some paradise that isn't having any problems with multiculturalism and immigration?   Right now, the country is experiencing some trouble keeping its more vibrant citizens from running off to join ISIS.

UKIP should focus on improving opportunities and education for British workers, just like any patriotic party.  That will lead to greater economic growth and social cohesion because every class and institution will have a stake in the success of everyone else.  As it stands, the country is simply a pile of resources to be looted, rather than something you belong to.

Still, UKIP deserves some credit for speaking the truth on unskilled immigration.  So one cheer for them, but no more.

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