NC State Bans Alcohol for White Frats, But Not Black Ones
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White privilege strikes again!

North Carolina State University (NCSU) has responded to a series of fraternity scandals on-campus and nationwide by at least temporary banning alcohol at the parties of all ordinary fraternities. However, the ban doesn’t include the handful of historically-black fraternities at the college...

Pi Kappa Phi has placed itself on indefinite suspension and is being investigated after restaurant workers found what appears to be the fraternity’s pledge book. The book is filled with anonymous handwritten comments, many sexual or racial in nature, such as “Man that tree is so perfect for lynching” or “If she’s old enough to pee, she’s old enough to me.”

Simultaneously, another frat on campus has been suspended over the more typical issues of sexual assault and drug-use allegations.

[NC State Bans Alcohol for Some Frats, But Not Black Onesby Blake Neff, Daily Caller, March 23, 2015]

Anonymous writings in a notebook are now sufficient grounds for collective punishment, even against those who have no connection to the dreaded racist notebook.  If someone carves a racial slur in a bathroom stall, I suppose we have to blow up the building.

(In passing, anyone who is triggered by anonymous writings in a notebook should be forcibly hazed, even if they are adults.)

Why are the black fraternities exempt?

The direct reason for the ban is that the new restriction on alcohol only applies to fraternities that are associated with the school’s Interfraternity Council (IFC). The vast majority are, but five historically black organizations are an exception, instead being separately organized under the National Pan-Hellenic Council.

Why was participation in a different governance structure enough to spare the black fraternities from NCSU’s collective punishment? Brad Bohlander, the university’s chief communications officer, told the The Daily Caller News Foundation that the alcohol ban was IFC’s idea in the first place.

“The university agreed to support and partner with the IFC on the temporary cessation of social activities including alcohol for IFC fraternities as a positive step toward working with the Greek community on efforts to put in place measures to better address and elevate expectations for high standards of behavior,” said Bohlander.

This should be taken with a grain of salt.  What usually happens in these cases is that the university threatens harsh punishment against both fraternities and individuals in them unless there is some kind of "voluntary" agreement.  Remember, this is what the the University of Virginia tried after the #UVAHoax, but two fraternities screwed up the Narrative by resisting it.

It should also be noted that the IFC tends to be where the "politicians" for fraternities go, as you aren't actually leading your friends or your institution but are basically dealing with the administration.  The IFC is about as helpful to fraternities on campus as the national fraternities are to their local chapters, which is to say, not at all.

Are the black fraternities some amazing role models on campus?

The school’s black fraternities certainly aren’t immune from the problems that have drawn unwanted attention to Greek life at NCSU, though. Just five months ago, Phi Beta Sigma, one of the historically black fraternities, was suspended until 2018 due to allegations of hazing in the organization.

The hazing of the black fraternities is legendary.  One friend who joined a black fraternity more or less admitted to me that he was whipped and refused to take his shirt off at basketball games and such so no one would see the scars.  The rationale was to remind him of "what his ancestors went through at the hands of whites."

Reports of black fraternity hazing have even made it into the Main Stream Media, or at least did before the MSM decided that not all fraternities are evil, just white ones [Greek tragedyby Paul Ruffins, Washington City Paper, June 18, 1999].

The problem for white fraternities today is that, in the words of Animal House, they have nothing left but a "long tradition of existence, both to itself and the community at large."  Fraternities are great institutions that should be defended, but members no longer have the vocabulary to speak about tradition, solidarity, and pride.  Instead, national fraternities are largely a business that will not defend local chapters, and students simply want to have fun and not have their careers destroyed if they are unlucky enough to be caught in the next Two Minutes Hate.

As the affair of the dreaded Notebook makes clear however, at this point it doesn't take anything to bring down an entire group of people.  And they aren't hated for being "privileged" or being in the Greek system, but for being mostly white.

Fraternities need to get political, or die.  They won't be offered any other choice.

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