Once Again, An "Unarmed" Black Man Was Stupidly PRETENDING To Be Armed—And Fooled A Police Officer With A Real Gun
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In the latest shooting, undeportable Ugandan refugee Alfred Olango (above) was shot while unarmed, but like the late Tamir Rice, and the equally late Tyre King,  he was pretending to be armed. This was reported by the blogger known as Hognose, a former Special Forces sergeant, and an expert on  weapons and interpersonal shooting.

Pointing a Gun at Cops is Dumb, III
Yeah, we had this same headline last week, and the week before. but another guy did it this week, in El Cajon, east of San Diego. He didn’t have a gun but seems to have simulated one with something, in a possible suicide by cop. This produced the same predictable first- and second-order results as last week’s gunplay in Charlotte, NC.

The subject paced back and forth while officers tried to talk to him. At one point, the subject rapidly drew an object from his front pants pocket, placed both hands together and extended them rapidly toward the officer taking up what appeared to be a shooting stance.

First-order result: an El Cajon cop shot him dead (another one simultaneously Tased him), and second-order: Black Criminals Lives Matter organized riots (with the help of the local hand-out-seeking The Reverends). Predictable, although the El Cajon riots haven’t risen to the level of looting yet, and are just blocking traffic. So far.

Third-order result: the press and the usual Beltway suspects are screaming for the cop’s head on a platter.

The people in California think they don’t want cops. Policemen there should give them exactly what they’re asking for.


The El Cajon suspect extended a vapor-inhaling gadget towards the police, with a flat area roughly corresponding to a pistol grip in his hand, and a tube looking like a barrel towards the cop. Good shoot.


Anything you hold in your hand while you thrust it at someone with two hands will look like a gun. Could you swear that that the firearms instructor at right is holding a real gun, rather than a toy gun or a camera?

People have been using fake guns  bluff  unarmed  robbery victims, rape victims, and prison guards for years.

When they try it on armed police officers, it's just as convincing, but the officers don't react by surrendering, but by fighting back.That's what happened to Alfred Olango.

Black juvenile delinquent Tyre King used this pistol at right to commit armed robbery.[ Police charge Tyre King companion with robbery,By Mary Beth Lane The Columbus Dispatch, Sunday September 18, 2016] It's not a real gun, but it looked real enough to fool his victim. It also fooled the Columbus, Ohio policeman he pointed it at. He's now dead, and of course Columbus blacks rioted. See Pointing a Gun at Cops is Dumb, Weaponsman.com, September 16, 2016.

Hognose also analyzed a  case in Texas in May 2015  which  produced no riots.

 There’s a Non-Obvious Fact in this Gunfight Video

Weaponsman.com, March 10, 2016

When we first saw this video — it was emailed to us recently — we thought there were some interesting lessons here. But we wanted to find the source, which turned out to be the Palestine, Texas, PD, and the circumstances. It turned out there were more lessons than we thought there were. First, the video of this 31 May 2015 shooting, as posted by the Palestine Herald on YouTube:

Hognose subjects the video and the people involved to his usual pitiless analysis, in which the male officer doing the shooting comes off well, the female officer comes off less well, and the white man (the late James D. Bushey) who drew and pointed his gun at the arresting officer comes off dead and inexplicable.

The behavior of the suspect (who turns out to have been James D. Bushey) is inexplicable. If he’s going to pull on two cops, why didn’t he shoot? His only chance of escape at that point would have been to shoot the two cops dead, which would certainly have complicated his life, but that’s the only way he “succeeds” at resisting arrest at this juncture. So… why didn’t he shoot? And if he wasn’t going to kill the cops, why draw in the first place? As it turns out, there’s an answer to “why didn’t he shoot” but “why draw in the first place” gets more and more inexplicable.

The story, and video, can be seen in Palestine police release video of officer-involved shooting at restaurant, By Gabby Sims, KLTV, June 30th 2015.

Hognose writes

Do not point this at a cop.In the blink of an eye, Bushey pulls, Griffin screams, Green draws, and Bushey runs a few feet then turns back, pointing his gun at Green. Green fires, four shots, five shots, three shots, and Bushey rolls, leaving the gun behind, DRT [Dead Right There, a police expression similar to DOA, but even deader. ] Green checks fire. Green covers Bushey and Griffin does too, scratching the gun away from the motionless suspect.

That’s probably the first chance anyone had to notice that there was something wrong with the suspect’s gun. In fact, it was a toy, a gun that resembles a real one, but shoots pellets.

Why anyone would pull a non-gun on cops armed with real guns puts the inexplicable into afterburner. And Bushey not only did that, but turned back towards Green with what we now know was not a gun.

Was it suicide by cop? We’ll never know what went through Bushey’s mind before a bunch of Green’s bullets went through his body, but it’s possible. His brother said… stop us if you’ve heard this one before… “he was trying to turn his life around” after moving home from New Hampshire after the collapse of a marriage.

There’s one more tragic fact here: John Dillinger this suspect was not. The original larceny call came from Walmart store security: Bushey had taken beer and some other stuff, and walked out without paying. They saw him hide in the Applebee’s rest room, and directed the cops in there — where the video begins.

After a brief period of paid admin leave, during which the Texas Rangers investigated the shooting, the two officers were cleared. The shooting declared righteous (if tragic), and two more cops’ names were inscribed on the long list of those exonerated by cameras. And James Bushey’s family buried him and grieved in private. His brother, who politely declined a reporter’s invitation to blame the officers, said that James had been a great brother, but, unlike some other family members, didn’t incite any riots. There are a lot of questions here that won’t ever be answered.

Watch the video again. This is how fast those cop’s workday goes from routine to deadly. And tell us — did you have any idea the suspect’s gun was not real? We watched the video fullscreen on a retina display, and had no idea. And we like to think we know a thing or two about guns.

I don't think there should be riots for the death of James Bushey—why do blacks think there should be riots for every stupid thug who threatens a police officer with death for no reason?

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