On the Anniversary of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Fight Back and Donate to VDARE.com!
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In the contemporary West, the mark of virtue is to regard your victories with shame.  In a normal country, the anniversary of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo would be regarded as a great day of national celebration, a day to commemorate when the United States truly became the dominant power on the North American continent.  It was on this day that America secured California and the Southwest and finally stretched "from sea to shining sea."

As for our wartime leader, President James K. Polk, as Pat Buchanan said,

He lacked the character of Washington, the brilliance of Jefferson, the charisma of Jackson, but James K. Polk belongs with the immortals. None gave more or did more for America.
Robert Merry concludes his biography of President Polk, A Country of Vast Designs, by saying that Polk "succeeded and fulfilled the vision and dream of his constituency.  In a democratic system that is the ultimate measure of political success."

Today, our leaders seem to glory in actively hurting the people they ostensibly represent.  There is no greater proof of this than mass immigration, a policy that is actively justified on the grounds that it hurts the interests of a nation that is inherently racist, evil, and oppressive.  And mass immigration may ultimately reverse the great victory that so many Americans gave their lives to secure all those years ago.

What is VDARE.com?  Why do we need to exist?  We occupy a unique niche.  We say that the historic American nation exists, that the United States is not a "proposition nation" but a real country that was created by a specific people, that we have the right to organize in defense of our own interests and fight for our history, heroes, and culture.

The Mexican War is part of that.  Advocates of mass immigration are becoming increasingly open about their desire to undo President Polk's great accomplishments.  So we are asking you to make a statement today.

Please donate generously to VDARE.com and help us send a message.  Help us tell the enemies of our country and people that we are not going away, that America belongs to us, and that we are the same people who won those great victories of the past.

Help us fight to preserve President Polk's legacy 

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