OK, VDARE.com Will Tell You: Two MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS!!! Arrested In Canadian Terror Plot
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You may have heard reports of Canada's arrest of two Muslim immigrants in Canada on charges of conspiring to blow up a train.

What you have not read but just assumed from their names, was that they were Muslim immigrants. The official Royal Canadian Mounted Police announcement gives their names ["two accused, Chiheb ESSEGHAIER and Raed JASER"] but has nothing on either their religion or their citizenship. Toronto's Globe And Mail reported, based on a press conference, that

Neither man is a Canadian citizen. Officials would not provide more details about them.

That was probably in response to a question from a reporter.

However, the Globe reported that

According to his online biography, Mr. Esseghair was born in Tunisia and is now a PhD student at a Quebec university, the INRS (Institut national de la recherche scientifique), where he is a member of a team at a lab in Varennes, outside Montreal, developing biosensors.[RCMP arrest two for 'al-Qaeda-supported' plot to bomb Via train April 22, 2013]

That is pretty good, and I would give the Globe credit for knowing how you use Google if I hadn't seen Kathy Shaidle's repeated reports of Canadian news media stealing stuff from bloggers.

It's surprising how few journalists have the Google skills of a blogger, or even a normal teenager.

Finally, A CNN report uses the words following words

  • al Qaeda
  • Iran
  • Pakistan
  • Osama bin Laden
  • Sunni
  • Shiite
  • Taliban

It does not use these words

  • Muslim
  • Islam

A story from CTV-TV has the RCMP boasting of having received a tip from Canada's Muslim community, and says the RCMP has meetings with designated leaders of the "Muslim community" to assure them that "police aren’t intentionally targeting them."

This story fails to quite say that the alleged terrorists are members of "Canada's Muslim community." So while it's difficult to report on a case of an alleged Muslim immigrant terrorist plot being foiled without referring to Muslim immigrants, everyone is still trying very hard.

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