Official! Drudge, Weekly Standard Decide Kosher To Attack $PLC's Finances. (But Why Now?)
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H/T Pic The Mad Jewess

At last it’s Kosher!

Eight years after I started the series of deep analyses of the Southern Poverty  Law Center’s extremely peculiar finances, the Drudge Report has picked up the theme. On August 31 Drudge carried under the headline REPORT: SOUTHERN POVERTY Transfers Millions in Cash to Offshore Entities...  a link to Joe Schoffstall’s Washington Free Beacon essay Southern Poverty Law Center Transfers Millions in Cash to Offshore Entities  Aug 31 2017. And this Wednesday and Thursday there has been long exposure under the headline UPDATE: SOUTHERN POVERTY Has $69M Parked Overseas... to The Weekly Standard’s piece The Southern Poverty Law Center Has $69 Million Parked Overseas By Jeryl Bier.

These appear to be the first references to the $PLC’s finances Drudge has ever made.

Jeryl Bier deserves credit for spotting the line item about foreign accounts, and for acknowledging Schoffstall’s work (an action not always to be counted on). He also extracted an opaque response from the advisory firm Cambridge Associates:

"Cambridge Associates has served as investment advisor to the Southern Poverty Law Center since 2008…The approach involves having a portion of the organization's endowment invested in funds that are registered outside of the United States—a practice consistent and in line with investments made by many nonprofits, including foundations, universities and other highly regarded and influential charitable organizations."

However, I feel he did not grasp the key issues:

  • Why does a tax exempt entity like the $PLC need to put money in tax havens? These are not august foreign money management centers like say Edinburgh or Zurich.
  • Why does a “Civil Rights” Public Interest Law and PR outfit need such a large proportion of its assets in what Wall Street calls ‘alternative investments’?
I believe that answers to these questions would scandalize many $PLC donors.

The Weekly Standard of course is quite wrong in referring to the $PLC as

The civil rights group best known for its 'hate map'.
The $PLC is best known to ALL journalists for its ‘Hate Group’ designation which has proudly born since 2005. Location is irrelevant. This list effectively functions as the gatekeeper to access to the MSM. Every penny they spend on it is worthwhile.

Thus summer has of course seen the biggest ever ‘Red Scare’ in American history, and the least justified. The $PLC is beautifully positioned to lead the pogroms.

But something more is at work to get the Washington Free Beacon, The Weekly Standard, and the Drudge Report active.

Could the Neocons be worried that the Hard Left could turn the $PLC against Zionism? Most of the European Left, after all, has already gone.

If so they have only themselves to blame. As I remarked in 2009 in FAIR On The SPLC: Nice Guys Get Smeared Some More, the Federation for American Immigration Reform’s  utterly ineffectual whimpering about being named a ‘Hate Group’ by the $PLC,  their response would have been much strengthened by incorporating my work on the $PLC’s finances. An acknowledgement was not needed – we have the same enemy.

Boycotting and its work has simply put these people in a bigger hole.

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