Obama: The Paint Begins Peeling
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With the MSM still in lock-step Obama worship, it is to the blogosphere one must look to find cogent, reasoned critiques of the 44th president.

A particularly fine one was posted on Thursday on the blog Mansizedtarget.com: Obama: Floundering Fast.

I used to be somewhat impressed with Obama as a politician. But it seems increasingly clear that he’s an empty suit.

For starters, his foreign policy rhetoric and strategy are a mess. He’s recently insulted Britain for no apparent reason. He’s pushing for an expanded campaign in Afghanistan, even though it resembles in every relevant way the bottomless pit that Iraq has turned out to be…

And, worst of all, Obama is talking about stocks and the markets in a way that inspires fear and uncertainty. Yesterday, in a press conference, he encouraged stock buying but confused ”price to earnings” ratios with ”profits and earnings.” What?!?... No one who knows anything about markets would make this mistake. It’s truly amateur night. Literally, everything he has said and done since January 20, 2009 has inspired more fear, uncertainty, and loss in the markets.

Mansizedtarget has reached the same conclusion I did in Does Obama know any Economics? - and makes an interesting additional point:

It’s not just a gaff. This guy has never shown any serious interest in economics for most of his adult life. This lacuna is doubly blameworthy since he spent so many years at the epicenter of the Law and Economics movement, the University of Chicago Law School. …One wonders if Obama has ever read Adam Smith, Milton Friedman, or James Madison.

(Based on Steve Sailer’s study of Obama’s academic history in America’s Half Blood Prince, the anwer is almost certainly no. Silly courses in leftist dogma were already legion in the early 80s, when Obama was in College. There is probably another reason besides grade-shame that the Obama campaign suppressed his transcripts: embarrassment over what he took.)

MST concludes

Now we learn that the wunderkind Obama—who could not be bothered to write a single academic article while pretending to be a law professor at the University of Chicago—can’t apparently give a speech without a teleprompter. When he’s off the training wheels, he says things even more stupid than his prepared remarks as evidenced by his confusion about PE Ratios…now the anti-capitalist ”community organizer” is charged with establishing policies to stop the bleeding for an economy in free fall, and he’s reaching for the failed big government solutions (and gimmicks) that were so baleful in the 1970s.

A lot of peculiar Obama traits — like this hostility to the British — will be emerging in the coming months. And the MSM can forget about repressing them.

Get an advance briefing: read Steve Sailer’s book!

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