Dr. Norm Matloff: Contact CNBC!
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Dr. Norm Matloff writes
I strongly encourage you to contact CNBC regarding the terribly one-sided show they ran today, on which I just sent out a posting to my e-newsletter.[Below]  You can e-mail them at powerlunch@cnbc.com

The discussants on the show took it for granted that employers must be hiring H-1Bs because the H-1Bs are better, when we all know that it's because they are cheaper.  Two congressionally-commissioned reports, plus a number of academic studies have shown this.

And the hiring of H-1Bs for cheap labor is done by nearly ALL employers, not just the body shops.

Only a tiny fraction of the H-1Bs are "the best and the brightest."  You can see this right away from the salaries.  The median H-1B salary for software developers is around $60K, whereas the top talents make well over $100K.

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