Obama's War On Christmas, Media Matters` War On Truth, And Emerging Gay Christophobia
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Guest-hosting Peter Boyles' 630 KHOW show this morning, Tom Tancredo pointed out to me a Khristmaskampf atrocity that I'd missed: the White House's 2009 Christmas Tree carried ornaments depicting Mao, a drag queen called Hedda Lettuce, and a Mount Rushmore that included President Obama. Googling it up, I found that it had been barely reported outside the Right blogosphere—typical of the War Against Christmas's seventh phase.

But particularly interesting was the reaction of the Leftist media enforcer Media Matters, which ridiculed the whole story (O Tannen-Mao? The right-wing's White House Christmas tree freak-out, by Simon Maloy) in such stentorian tones that only the most careful reader would notice that, right at the end, the oblique concession that the story was, in fact, true.

This the pattern we've noticed with Media Matters and the other Leftist thug groups: their emotions are so intense that they can simply dispense with facts.

The White House's ludicrous excuse was that it hadn't noticed. But it had entrusted the tree to a gay (English immigrant!) designer called Simon Doonan, notorious for his Barney's New York Christmas window displays, such as one depicting British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as a dominatrix. What did it expect?

Gay Christophobia is an increasingly visible element in the War On Christmas—I notice that Doonan has  succeeded in running an entire Slate column on Christmas tree decorations without mentioning the forbidden C-word.

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