Obama's Stealth Amnesty Abandons Stealth
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Apparently the Obama Administration has decided discretion is no longer needed for its Stealth Amnesty - its systematic non-enforcement of the laws and regulations currently on the books dealing with Immigration.

In yet another fine piece of reporting on immigration, Stephen Dinan of the Washington Times caught Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano doublespeaking at a leftist meeting in Washington on Friday morning:

Miss Napolitano said she cannot unilaterally ignore deportations laws for broad groups of illegal immigrants, but said students and young adults who would have been legalized had last year's "Dream Act" legislation passed Congress are not a chief target of federal authorities.

DHS: Illegal immigrant students not a target for deportation Friday, April 1, 2011

The matter was well assessed by a Washington Times comment thread posting by "Santa Claus":

So, the bill didn't pass. They are just going to ignore the law and their job and pretend it was passed. Scum.

Evidently this flagrant disregard for the rule of law is beginning to irritate even Inside the Beltway drones (no doubt because law and legal loophole manufacturing is the local industry).

Having recently freshened his PC credentials by excluding Peter Brimelow from his Feet to the Fire radio fest, FAIR President Dan Stein had a fine Op-Ed in the Washington Times on Wednesday highlighting the Administration's contradictory stance on the Arizona versus the Utah Immigration legislation: Obama punts as Utah grants amnesty to illegals Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The administration clearly supports Utah's objective of granting legal status to illegal aliens (and presumably the right of states to admit new immigrants) and is choosing to do nothing to defend the Constitution. The administration obviously opposes the enforcement of laws against illegal aliens, except in very limited circumstances, and moved decisively to prevent Arizona from enforcing them. In fact, in seeking an injunction against S.B. 1070, the administration argued explicitly that it was defending its constitutional authority not to enforce immigration laws...
The Constitution vests the legislative branch with exclusive authority to make immigration laws. The role of the executive branch is to carry out the laws enacted by Congress (whether the administration in office likes those laws or not)...
Utah's new laws present a clear challenge to the federal government's exclusive constitutional power to make immigration policy. It is time for the Justice Department to stop "monitoring" the situation in Utah and assert the federal government's authority over immigration policy.
The administration that sued Arizona for trying to uphold federal immigration law, must take now take action against Utah for defying federal immigration law.

The systemic problem here, of course is that the American system was devised by the Founding Fathers  - who were not even partially African.

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