BHL's War
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Stephen Erlanger reports in the NYT that the man who claims, so far without dispute, to have set the Libyan War in motion by talking Sarkozy into it, who talked the American ladies into it, who talked Obama into it, is ... neo-socialist celebrity philosopher adventurer Bernard-Henri L?©vy.

Oh, boy ...

Here's an interview from February with L?©vy about how awesome he is. And here's Garrison Keillor's 2006 review of L?©vy's book on America. Before starting a war, a President of the United States should have a little checklist of questions to ask his advisers, such as:

  • What's the goal?
  • Is that goal worth killing people?
  • What's the strategy to achieve the goal?
  • Why do you think that will work?
  • What's the Plan B?
  • What's the exit strategy?
  • And, by the way, just to make sure, this war isn't Bernard-Henri L?©vy's idea, is it?
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