Obama's Justice Department Not Moving As Fast As Hispanic Farmer Scam As On Black Farmer Scam
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Hispanic farmers are suing over discrimination, the same as black farmers did in the notorious Pigford suit.(There are also Native American farmers trying the same thing.) A sample story from the New Mexico Independent:

The discrimination was so blatant that African American farmers in a nearly identical suit to Garcia v. Vilsack known as Pigford v. Glickman won a settlement from the government to the tune of almost $2.5 billion. But no such settlement has yet been reached for Hispanic farmers and ranchers. Politicians from New Mexico and Colorado, including New Mexico Congressmen Ben Ray Lujan and Martin Heinrich, and Senator Tom Udall and his cousin Mark Udall from Colorado, have joined many others in signing a letter urging President Obama to settle the Garcia suit expeditiously.[Racism is alive and well By V.B. Price, September 16, 2009 ]

And this one (Vilsack is obviously pandering as hard as he can, he has to explain to the aggrieved farmers that without the permission of Congress or a court order, he can't just give away the Government's money—if he did, it would be a Federal crime):

Wednesday, on the last stop of a 21-stop rural listening tour, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack was able to answer any concerns Hispanic farmers had and admitted there had been discrimination. ”We have, folks, a very sad history at USDA of discriminating against farmers of many different cultures,” said Vilsack. The discrimination came mostly in the form of money. "Past discriminations have shown that Hispanic farmers were not getting the same servicing on their FSA loans," said David Cantu who has farms near San Juan, Texas. Representing the Obama administration, Vilsack said the discrimination has gone on for years and impacted more than Hispanic farmers. "Anglo farmers were getting them (loans) and in some areas they were getting priority," said Cantu. Vilsack said the USDA is now working hard to bring an end to the discrimination. "We are doing an external review of all of our practices and procedures, we've hired an outside consulting firm," said Vilsack. "We're reorganizing our administrative structure within USDA to provide greater accountability." There is still a law suit that dates back years ago with thousands of claims from Hispanic farmers saying they were discriminated against. A similar case was settled for African American farmers, resulting in $2.5 billion. Hispanic farmers want to know where's their money and what's wrong with their case. However, because of logistics and the fact that the case was not certified as a class-action lawsuit there are too many separate claims and Vilsack said it's not so easy. 'If it were up to me, I could," said Vilsack. "But I need direction from congress, either to set the process up or give me money and say go figure the process out. I don't have either one of these right now."[USDA Secretary Visits LC To Hear Concerns From Farmers , Phil Anaya-KFOX News, September 30, 2009]

If Hispanics start to wonder why Eric Holder and Barack Obama aren't as hyped up over imaginary discrimination against Hispanic farmers as they were about imaginary discrimination against black farmers, the answer they get might make them less enthusiastic about voting for the Democrats. For more about the Pigford suit see Rest Of The Story: Fraud and Murder Follows "Black Farmer" Consent Decree and Obama Furthered ”Black Farmer” Scam by Dennis Tuttle.

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