Obama's Immigration Speech, And A Spanish Comment On It
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Peter Brimelow wrote earlier that "reading the President’s speech announcing his attempt to impose Amnesty through executive branch coup" was "easier on the blood pressure than actually watching him...". This is true, but for masochists, here it is on YouTube.

Comments are allowed—and no doubt monitored by the Secret Service. Here's one in Spanish, from Ricardo Blanco.

Si este discurso hubiera ocurrido en 2010 probablemente Obama tendría mayoría en ambas cámaras.
This means, in English, that "If this speech had occurred in 2010 Obama would probably have a majority in both houses." That's delusional—if Obama  had done this in 2010, we would be watching a speech by President Romney.

Unfortunately, the GOP being what it is, President Romney might be talking about signing a legal amnesty, passed by a Republican house and Senate.

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