It's Official! Chinese IMMIGRANT Decapitates Canadian!
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That's what the headlines should have read, of course, but at least we now have this, buried among the usual sob stuff:
Friend describes accused killer as 'quiet, reserved' WINNIPEG - The 40-year-old man accused in the gruesome stabbing and beheading of his young seatmate on a Greyhound bus this week arrived from China about four years ago and found a home in Winnipeg - surrounded by a loving wife and caring members of the community who quickly took him under their wing.

He soon found a job, vastly improved his English, and enjoyed socializing with new friends at Sunday-morning church services, dinner parties and trips to a nearby lake.

Life appeared to be very good for the new Canadian.

[By Mike McIntyre and James Turner, Winnipeg Free Press, August 2, 2007] UPDATE—The story is missing from the Winnipeg Free Press site, but is still available from the Ottawa Citizen, under the title Accused bus killer 'kind of a lost soul'.

As in the case of the Korean immigrant perp in the Virginia Tech shootings, everyone now says the Li was mentally disturbed but no "caring members of the community" did anything about it.

"Sunday morning church services" suggests Larry Auster was right to be cautious in claiming confirmation of his suspicion that Li is part of the Chinese Muslim minority. But many newly-arrived immigrants' religious allegiances are in flux.

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