Obama's Grand Strategy: Invite the World, Invade the World, Indoctrinate and Interrogate the Citizenry
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From the NYT:

Obama Outlines Programs to Counter Lure of Extremist Groups Like ISIS


WASHINGTON — President Obama on Wednesday outlined his administration’s efforts to counter what he calls “violent extremism” in a speech to law enforcement, community and religious leaders gathered to discuss how to prevent groups like the Islamic State from recruiting disaffected young people to their ranks. …

“We need to find new ways to amplify the voices of peace and tolerance and inclusion, and we especially need to do it online,” Mr. Obama said in remarks at the summit meeting. “We’ve got to discredit these ideologies. We have to tackle them head on, and we can’t shy away from these discussions.”

But civil liberties groups have grave concerns about such programs, arguing that they could morph into fear-mongering secret surveillance efforts that trample on civil rights and privacy, and that the administration could be giving tacit approval to foreign governments that crack down on their citizens in the name of countering terrorism.

… Still, the conference agenda, which includes 13 sessions on Wednesday alone, did not offer one on civil liberties or privacy concerns. …

Although the nation’s top federal law enforcement agencies will be involved, officials said, the program is an opportunity for communities to devise their own strategies.

Mr. Obama said that Muslim Americans would have to be included in efforts to counter the Islamic State’s message, and acknowledged that some of them have felt “unfairly targeted” by government-backed antiterrorism efforts to date.

”We have to make sure that abuses stop, are not repeated, that we do not stigmatize entire communities,” Mr. Obama said, adding that “nobody should be profiled” as part of the programs.

Which suggests the need for a quota for government propaganda and intrusion on the evil non-Muslim white men so there is no disparate impact on Muslims, like after 9-11 America proved it wasn’t profiling Arabs by airport security interrogating for 45 minutes 86-year-old Joe Foss — hero of the air war over Guadalcanal, retired Marine Corps general, former governor, former AFL commissioner — after he was detained for flying to West Point to deliver an address to cadets with his Congressional Medal of Honor in his pocket.

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