More Arrogance from Jorge Ramos—Latino Voters "Will Remember" Hanen Decision In '16
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Jorge Ramos, the blond, Mexican/U.S. dual citizen and activist posing as journalist (see here) couldn't leave the Hanen decision alone, of course.  From Breitbart:

Jorge Ramos, arguably the most prominent pro-amnesty advocate in today’s media landscape, believes that a federal judge’s injunction against President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty “defines who is against immigrants in the U.S.”

He suggested on Tuesday [the 17th] that Latino voters in particular would take their anger out at Republicans in 2016.

“The Texas decision clearly defines who is against immigrants in the U.S.,” Ramos said. “Latino voters will remember; 2016 is not that far away.” He also declared that Judge Andrew Hanen, who issued the injunction, “won’t have the final word” on the matter. Jorge Ramos Warns 'Latino Voters Will Remember ' Injunction in '16 By Tony Lee, Breitbart, Feb. 18, 2015


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