Black Students in San Francisco 15x as Likely as Whites to be Arrested
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From the San Francisco Examiner:

African Americans top the list of students arrested at SF schools but only make up 8 percent of student body

By Jonah Owen Lamb @Jonahowenlamb

More black schoolchildren were arrested last fall than any other ethnicity in San Francisco’s public schools — and by a long shot — according to the report from the school district.

“Something is rotten with that picture,” the Rev. Amos Brown, the president of San Francisco’s NAACP chapter, told the Police Commission Wednesday night. “That stinks,” he said, pointing to the statistics, which he brought to the commission. Of the 37 students arrested from September to December, 27 of them were black.

That’s 8% of student body accounting for 71% of arrests.

Seven were Latino, three were white and one was Asian. Twenty of the arrests occurred at middle schools. Thirty-two of the students arrested were male. Blacks make up 8 percent of the school district’s student. Asian students, at 38 percent, make up the largest segment, followed Latinos at 26 percent and whites at 13 percent, according to statistics from the 2013-14 school year.

So, keeping in mind that the sample of 37 public school students arrested is small and some of the numbers in the article don’t quite add up, here are the racial ratios for arrest rates per capita with whites set equal to 1.0:


  • Blacks: 14.6
  • Hispanics: 1.2
  • Whites: 1.0
  • Asians: 0.1
In contrast to the students, district staff is 37 percent white, and the administration is 43 percent white.

So, white grown-ups are a minority in the San Francisco public schools, but their remaining presence is still looked upon as the most obvious explanation for the problems of black students. Even when whites are an actual minority, they remain the Legacy Majority. Sure, white employees of the San Francisco public schools probably voted for Obama 5 to 1 or 10 to 1, but they remain permanently tainted by their race.


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