Obama’s Government Ignores Suffering Christians in the Middle East
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The Islamophile in the White House seems determined to jam as many Muslims as possible into the United States during his remaining term in office, and the refugee route is a handy import method. As it happens, the system is stacked against Christian refugees from the Middle East, who really do need help. The UN’s refugee camps have become Muslim-dominated sharia zones where Christians are frequently attacked and as a result, they avoid the camps. So when Washington brags that Syrian refugees come from camps where they have been checked out thoroughly (mysteriously, without appropriate databases), Christians are left out. How convenient for the Obama Bureau of Islamophilia.

Fox Business host Stuart Varney explained how they system works against Christians who are genuine refugees:

Christians are targets in the Mideast, but President Obama will not give Christian refugees priority in coming to America. He says there will be no religious test for entry. However, a closer look reveals a system that overwhelmingly favors Muslims. It is a system that keeps Christians out. Here’s how it works.

Those Syrian refugees, who we are supposedly vetting thoroughly, come from camps run by the United Nations. There are no Christians in those camps. They risked death if they seek refuge there. So the refugees who are on the list, who get on the list, they are almost entirely Muslim. The UN system accepted by Mr. Obama effectively locks Christians out.

This is appalling. President Obama has failed to acknowledge the grave crisis for Christianity in the Mideast. Quite simply, the whole region is being ethnically cleansed. The Christian presence will soon be gone entirely. And the slaughter continues.

Think about it. Christians are refugees, fleeing terror. They aren’t migrants looking for a better economy; for them it’s life or death. They are the true victims of religious tyranny. Frankly I think they qualify as victims of genocide but Mr. Obama will not acknowledge their unique and horrific situation. Instead we accept and pay for large numbers of Muslims. We are accepting here a religious test that’s being imposed over there. It’s one week to Christmas, and as President Obama begins his Christmas vacation there, few Christian refugees will be celebrating in the peace and freedom of America, and that is a disgrace. (Spare video link.)

The jihad onslaught has murdered and chased out a community that has lived in the Middle East for millennia. But Obama wants to rescue Muslims, who are apparently more to his liking.

Below, in July 2014 ISIS burned an 1800-year-old church in Mosul, Iraq.

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