Obama Regime Taunts Americans, Promises Hispanics Executive Action Coming Soon
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While Ebola and the Islamic State dominate the headlines, President Obama is still assuring his newly imported auxiliaries that he will throw away the laws that negatively affect them, as long as they give him their votes.
President Obama deployed a top Cabinet secretary Wednesday to assure Hispanic leaders that the White House will take executive action this year to stop deportations for more illegal immigrants, trying to revive Hispanic voters’ backing of Democrats ahead of November’s elections.

“The question of executive action, my friends, is a ‘when’ question,” Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez assured attendees at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s convention.

Mr. Obama likely will deliver the same message when he speaks to the gathering Thursday — and will be met by protesters furious over his broken promise to issue executive action by the end of the summer to halt many deportations.

[Hispanics promised Obama will act on immigration by year's end, by Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, October 1, 2014]

The fact that such "citizens" can only be mollified by promises from the government that it will break the law in the interest of their co-racials is sufficient evidence in itself for a total immigration moratorium.  And it's now abundantly clear that the laws of the United States do not matter if they conflict with the interests of a sufficiently numerous and organized ethnic tribe.  We are already living in the post-American era.
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