Obama Regime Claim of Ebola Screening at Border Raises More Questions Than It Answers
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The Obama Administration is telling people not to worry about Ebola crossing the American border because there are "screening" procedures in place.
White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters today that, after the Ebola case in Dallas, the Obama administration reminded border law enforcement agencies of "protocol" to deal with people that appear to have symptoms of Ebola. Earnest also said that there "are screening procedures in place at our border."

"[I]n light of this incident," Earnest said at his daily briefing, "the administration has taken the step of recirculating our guidance to law enforcement agencies that are responsible for securing the border, to those agencies that represent individuals who staff the airline industry, and to medical professionals all across the country to make sure that people are aware that there is an important protocol that should be implemented if an individual presents with symptoms that are consistent with Ebola."

[WH: 'Screening Procedures In Place At Our Border' by Daniel Harper, The Weekly Standard, October 1, 2014]

Of course, this only makes sense if people who are crossing the border are actually being confronted by law enforcement personnel.  Which they aren't — which is why we have this immigration crisis in the first place.

Note also the passive aggressive tone of the announcement — the Obama Administration isn't doing anything new, just "recirculating" prior statements of policy to law enforcement, presumably because they are too stupid to remember it themselves.  The context here is the Obama Administration's aggressive efforts to make law enforcement efforts at the border all but impossible.

This is a preliminary strike so that if Ebola does cross the border through illegal immigration, the Obama Administration can say law enforcement is to blame.

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