Obama and Arizona: Time for the Duck Test
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Not only is Arizona being vilified by the Obamacrats to the UN (courtesy, as Michelle Malkin has pointed out, Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Michael Posner, previously best known for groveling to China) — it has also been attacked again by the Justice Department alleging reluctance to hire immigrants at Community Colleges: U.S. files new suit on Ariz. immigration issue By Jerry Markon The Washington Post Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In essence, Maricopa Community Colleges had an effective test intended to exclude from employment persons not legally entitled to work in this country. For mechanical reasons, this was a two stage process. The ”Justice” Department is now arguing that applying this second stage constitutes discrimination and should be banned.

Employing its formidable technical expertise, the Federale blog analyses this blatant subterfuge in The Obama War On Arizona. Pointing out that the individual for whom Justice is litigating, one Zainul Singaporewalla, created the problem by being unwilling or unable to produce his ”Green Card”, Federale asks

The first question that should be asked is why Singaporewalla did not have his Form I-551, Alien Registration Card (green card)?.... A Form I-551 is proof of identity and work authorization. Why was he so intent on not using it? And why was he walking around without the card? He is required by law to carry it at all times in public.

and comments

Even worse is that the community colleges stopped the above practice in January, but are being sued anyway by the thugs at CRD. And the proposed fine? $1,100.00. To what purpose is this legal action? To harass the people of Arizona? To waste hundreds of thousands of dollars in filing the lawsuit? The CRD has no offices in Arizona so must send attorneys on travel status, incurring tens of thousands of dollars of direct costs, not to mention the indirect costs of the time of the attorneys and support staff.

Federale has a good idea as to the answer: the Obamacrats are

conspiring to assist illegal aliens to obtain employment. State driver licenses and SS cards are easy to counterfeit, much easier than green cards. DLs and SS cards can easily be purchased at in any city, flea market, or where there are large numbers of illegal aliens….. Perhaps this is part of the Obama Regime support for illegal immigration.

Angry White Dude has reached the same conclusion, expressed as usual more bluntly

Sure looks to me like Obama’s trying to make an example of Arizona. Why would any American president object to a US business asking to see a card of legal residency before hiring an employee if they are suspected of being illegal? You know, short, brown, don’t speak English. Oops, that would be racial profiling which is much worse than keeping the law! If it’s illegal to ask a foreign employee if they have a green card, then why have green cards?

Time for the Duck test:

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck

The Obama Administration clearly does not accept the concept of illegal immigrant. They do not believe that there should be a difference between Americans and illegals in access to the workplace. And they are determined to prevent anyone from following American law on this.

What happened to the Presidential Oath of Office?

The position at stake here, by the way, was as an instructor in mathematics. This treason is a direct threat to Middle class as well as Blue Collar workers.

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