NYT: Wilson Must Go! Trumbo and Duranty? Crickets
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The New York Times has dispatched a jeremiad calling for Princeton to erase the memory of leftist Woodrow Wilson because he was an "unrepentant racist" whose fixation on segregation ruined a hard-working black man. [The Case Against Woodrow Wilson at Princeton, Editorial Board, November 25, 2015]

trumbopsterThe Times' opinion would be more credible if an ad for the whitewash "Trumbo" did not appear above the editorial.

Dalton Trumbo was an unrepentant Communist who turned readers of his own anti-war novel, "Johnny Got His Gun," over to the FBI, hoping to get them in trouble for being traitorous, pro-German anti-Semites. He did that because he had decided to back American entry into World War II. And he did that, in turn, because Hitler turned on Stalin. Before that, Trumbo and the American left was pro-Hitler and against involvement in another European war. See They WERE Communists–Dalton Trumbo Had It Coming by Pat Buchanan.

And let us not forget Walter Duranty. The Pulitzer Prize board refuses to revoke Duranty's award for foreign reporting, despite calling it "gravely defective," without giving the unvarnished truth. He was a propagandist for Stalin. Nor has the Times, which also acknowledges Duranty's lies, demanded that the Pulitzer board revoke the prize.

Unrepentant racists? Off with their heads!

Unrepentant Communists? Meh.


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