NYT: "The Sexist Undertones of Wedding Marketing"
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From the New York Times:

The Sexist Undertones of Wedding Marketing

Many brides, not so much grooms, see a presumptive and sexist slant on social media and online marketing, before and after their wedding.

By Suzannah Weiss, Oct. 5, 2019

Laurie Vazquez, a 36-year-old marketing manager in New York City, had decided to keep her last name after she got married in June. But not everyone seemed to be on board with these plans.

Before and after the wedding, the Knot, an app she used to plan and share memories with family and friends, and WeddingWire, a site that provided wedding vendors, both repeatedly sent emails reminding her to change her last name.

“They stressed me out,” Ms. Vazquez said. “They were so close to the day of, and I had millions of other things to worry about.”

She unsubscribed to the emails. Then once Ms. Vazquez designated that she was married on her Facebook profile, she began seeing ads for baby products on the social media platform. “They made an assumption about me,” she said. “I know the societal trend for young women in their 20s is to start family planning quickly after they get married, but that’s not me.”

As a lifetime subscriber to Eager Groom magazine, I’ve noticed that us men are never oppressed by distant institutions being unaware of our most intimate decisions. Somehow, they just know, so we never get stressed.

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