NYT: "The First Lady Finds Her Voice on Race"
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As part of the continuing struggle against the Humor Menace, a victim weighs in on a hurtful, racist New Yorker cartoon from 7 years ago. From the New York Times:
The First Lady Finds Her Voice on Race

By PETER BAKER 24 minutes ago

Michelle Obama has been opening up about her own struggles and the “insults and slights” that even living in the White House has not protected her family from.

For Michelle Obama, Talking About Race and Achievement, and Making It Personal

… By her telling, even living at the world’s most prominent address has not erased the sting of racial misunderstanding. In recent weeks, Mrs. Obama has talked of “insults and slights” directed at her husband and caricatures that have pained her. It all “used to really get to me,” she said,” adding that she “had a lot of sleepless nights” until learning to ignore it. …

Mrs. Obama has often been open about personal experiences and race in speeches that went unnoticed by the news media, but rarely more so than in the speech at Tuskegee, where she recalled the New Yorker cover depicting her with a large Afro and an assault rifle. “Now, yeah, it was satire, but if I’m being really honest, it knocked me back a bit,” she said.

Of course, if you really want to get the First Lady worked up, just get her talking about how she never tested well.
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