NYT's Nate Cohn: Trump Succeeded DESPITE His Comments On Immigration
May 05, 2016, 05:34 AM
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Commenter bjdubbs draws our attention to the NYT’s Nate Silver replacement’s mea culpa, in which the text string “immigra” only appears once:
What I Got Wrong About Donald Trump

Nate Cohn @Nate_Cohn MAY 4, 2016

The NYT’s mini-Nate says that Trump won despite his position on immigration:

“These are voters who showed a surprising tolerance for Mr. Trump’s extreme comments on immigration, women and other issues.”

A “tolerance”! And Rubio would have won had he not malfunctioned and split his support with the formidable Kasich. It’s almost as if the RNC/NRO approved storyline is also the NYT approved storyline.
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