NYT's Charles Blow: "Joe Biden Is Problematic"
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From a New York Times opinion columnist:

Joe Biden Is Problematic
No amount of growth or good intentions will change this fact.

By Charles M. Blow, Opinion Columnist, Sept. 15, 2019

“Problematic” is one of those I’ve-Been-to-College words. It suggests that on the first day of class you were once handed a reading list that included a title such as:

You probably never actually read “The Body Problematic: Political Imagination in Kant and Foucault,” but you know it exists, which makes you better than most people.

It’s a way to call a white Democrat “racist” without calling him “racist.”

By the way, do NOT use “problematical.” From Urban Dictionary:


The same as problematic…however, falling out of usage.
I find it problematic to use problematical any longer.
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by The Old Marine August 17, 2011

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