NYT Rushes to Defense of World's Richest Man's Postal Privilege
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From the New York Times:

America Last: Trump’s Attack on the Amazon Job Machine

By Timothy Egan
Contributing Opinion Writer

May 25, 2018

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and owner of The Washington Post, met at Trump Tower with Donald Trump after the 2016 election. So why does the president hate him?

President Trump has declared war on Amazon, the nation’s second most valuable company. Amazon is creating more jobs than all but a handful of entire states. And nearly every major city in the country is vying to land the second headquarters of this global retailer and the 50,000 high-paying positions it promises to bring.

It is perhaps the biggest job engine in the United States, and Trump is using the power of his office to hurt it.d

Actually, Jeff Bezos somehow seems to be doing okay for himself in this dictatorial Age of Trump. Bezos’s net worth has gone up over $60 billion since 2016.

Exactly how much richer would the World’s Richest Man (current net worth $132.3 billion) be if strongman Literally Hitler Drumpf weren’t out to destroy Bezos by trying to make him pay his fair share for his postage stamps?

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