NYT: Poland Must be Diversificated
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As you’ll recall, in September 2015, Angela Merkel’s sudden whim of inviting a million marching men into the heart of Europe was widely proclaimed an audacious masterstroke that would no doubt envibrantize Germany’s economy with all those Syrian engineers. But, the cooler heads cautioned, there might be some short-term adjustment issues unless the other nations of Europe, such as Poland, were forced to take their fair share of Merkel’s Muslims.

Polish voters reacted to the EU’s demands by giving the populist conservative Law & Justice party the first majority in parliament in modern free Poland’s history.

It was almost as if the Poles, having looked around Western Europe, don’t want Muslim immigrants to establish a beachhead in their own country. As Will Rogers might have said, if you find yourself standing on nice level ground, don’t start digging.

But from the New York Times op-ed page, we learn that Polish resistance to the German chancellor’s demand for Muslim immigration into Poland isn’t really about Muslim immigration, because Poles are too stupid to know anything about Muslims, it’s really all about how those hateful Poles are bad for the Jews:

Poles Cry for ‘Pure Blood’ Again

By JAN T. GROSS NOV. 16, 2017

… Until very recently Poles had never given much thought to Islam beyond occasionally expressing a sense of historical pride that a Polish king, Jan Sobieski, defeated the Turks in a 17th-century battle near Vienna, thus saving Christian Europe from the infidels. This fits a recurrent theme in Polish national mythology: Poland as a rampart of Christianity, the Christ of Nations. Poland, according to this trope, has repeatedly, and heroically, suffered for the sake of others, especially the rest of Christian Europe.

Those nativist Polish bigots should have let the diverse Mongols loot and burn Krakow for a third time in the 13th Century instead of just twice. The Mongols had their flaws, but at least they weren’t Christians.

… But most Poles couldn’t tell a Muslim or a Buddhist from Jesus.

As we all have learned from Polish Jokes, Poles are ignorant buffoons. For proof, see the documentary Borat.

Their animus, which carries Polish nationalism into such an aggressively xenophobic articulation, springs primarily from a deep pool of ethnic-cum-religious hatred, which is indigenous to Poland and has historically been aimed at Jews.

Anti-Semitism is a deeply entrenched and historically rooted element of this Polish nationalist worldview. …

Poland’s leaders have let an evil genie out of the bottle. What we’ve witnessed on the streets of Warsaw represents a threat not only to liberal democracy in Poland but also to the stability and welfare of the European Union.

Half of the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust were Poles. …

You know, smart people like Professor Gross of Princeton wouldn’t be quite so artless in exposing their ethnic animosities if anybody less rich and less Jewish than Larry David were allowed to have a laugh at their expense. As I wrote in 2016:

When you think about it, isn’t the very idea of Polish voters daring to stand up to the German chancellor and deciding as a free people to not import anti-Semites downright Hitlerish?

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