NYT: "No, Democrats Don’t Want ‘Open Borders.’" Oh Yeah?
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Just to set your mind at ease, from the New York Times:


No, Democrats Don’t Want ‘Open Borders’

President Trump has falsely claimed at least two dozen times since taking office that Democrats want to open American borders. But legislation shows that Democrats support border security measures, though not the border wall he wants to build.

Linda Qiu
By Linda Qiu
June 27, 2018

You see, when involved in the give and take of Congressional politics, current Democrats are willing to vote for certain aspects of not only having a border but of enforcing it, especially as a reward for other things they care about, like amnesty.

Of course, that doesn’t say much about their long term vision. For example, on September 10, 2001, Bill Clinton announced that he believed in “the ultimate wisdom of a borderless world,” although that statement got overlooked in all the excitement. Bill Clinton’s Rhodes Scholar roommate Strobe Talbott, #2 in the Clinton State Dept., has been promoting this ideology at least since the early 1990s. Similarly, Hillary told some Latin American zillionaires about her visions of a borderless western hemisphere.

Nor does it mention the growing Democratic movement to abolish enforcement of our borders, such as by abolishing ICE. Think Of The Children!

Nor does it mention how anti-pro-borders Democrats are becoming, especially how much they hate Americans who conceive of borders as a good thing for “ourselves and our posterity.” Granted that, phrase isn’t carved on the Statue of Liberty, it’s only in the Preamble to the Constitution, so that hardly counts compared to a brass plaque next to a tourist attraction, but still…

Moreover, many Democratic ideologues, while conceding a theoretical right to limit immigration are ready to denounce virtually any and all efforts to choose among all the hundreds of millions who would like to immigrate as something that only discriminatory racists would ever do.

And finally most Democrats would categorically reject open borders for, say, sweaty guys wearing suicide vests when they get off the plane at JFK. So, therefore, logically, they are against Open Borders.

Why are you so racist as to find these answers less than wholly reassuring, you racist, you?

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