NYT: Latest Ferguson Crisis: Blacks Not Showing Up To Vote
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The New York Times has a gigantic article on Ferguson. The cop getting shot in Ferguson over the weekend? Are you nuts? Some cop getting shot in Ferguson is just some trivial police blotter item from an insignificant fly-overville 950 miles from New York City. No, the Story, as always, is White Oppression of Blacks:

Mostly Black Cities, Mostly White City Halls By RICHARD FAUSSET SEPT. 28, 2014

… Disparities between the percentage of black residents and the number of black elected officials are facts of life in scores of American cities, particularly in the South. The unrest that followed the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., has emphasized how much local elections can matter, and prompted a push there for increased black voter participation. …

On the whole, blacks tend to move out of black-run municipalities and seek refuge in white-run municipalities. During transition eras, those municipalities seeing a major influx of black refugees from black-dominated polities tend to maintain for some lag period the white leaders who helped make the place attractive for blacks to move to in the first place.

This may not sound like a crisis to you, but the NYT wants to angry up black turnout for the Democrats in November, so you and I had better start feeling guilty about it now. If a few cops have to get shot, a few Apus have to get shoved around by giant blacks on crime sprees, and a few Kwikee-Marts burned down by racist blacks mobs, well, you can’t make a Democratic Victory Omelet without a smashing a few eggs.


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