NYT: Europe's "Far-Right" Leaders Have Largely Solved Merkel's Migrant Crisis, So Why Are They Still Worried?
June 28, 2018, 09:55 AM
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From the NYT:

Migration to Europe Is Down Sharply. So Is It Still a ‘Crisis’?

Despite the claims of far-right leaders, the number of undocumented migrants arriving each year is back to pre-crisis levels — and has been for some time.


And then to prove its point, the NYT splashes this comparison shot:

Screenshot 2018-06-27 21.50.24

Look at that! So, what’s the problem, you far-right extremists?

Underneath the photos, the NYT runs the caption:

Refugee families camped in central Budapest, Hungary, in 2015. The same location was nearly empty this month.

In other words, by 2018 in Hungary, Orban, the NYT-hated leader of Hungary, has mostly solved the Merkel-caused crisis that Orban was complaining about Merkel causing in 2015.

So why are Europeans these days voting more for crazed extremists like the crisis-solving Orban than for respected moderates like the crisis-causing Merkel?

It’s a puzzlement.

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