Marilyn Pharis: When A Mexican Illegal Murders An Older White Woman, It's Local News, "Man Found Guilty"
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An old lady, Marilyn Pharis, was murdered. [Man Found Guilty of First-Degree Murder for Marilyn Pharis’s Death, By Janene Scully, Noozhawk North County, June 27, 2018] Where is the Main Stream Media when the illegal alien who bludgeoned her is found guilty?

The details of her brutal beating and tortured death are horrifying. His accomplice, a birthright citizen, took a plea. He left the US with his illegal alien mother when he was two and came back to the US as a teen. He was a problem continuously.

Who cares about Marilyn Pharis? Not the MSM.

This is not the only case like this--see Ann Coulter: Teddy Kennedy's Surprise For Grandma—Immigrants Who Rape The Elderly.

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