Numbers USA's Worst 50: Why so many Blacks?
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As I noted yesterday, NumbersUSA plans to offer valuable election coverage on their site tomorrow.

While reading about this I belatedly found a powerful Roy Beck blog DEFENDERS & DESERTERS of JOBLESS AMERICANS: We name the '50 Worst Deserters' Today September 3 2010

As bad as Congress has been on immigration in the past, it seemed to just grow more fond of foreign labor the last two years as jobs prospects for unemployed Americans grew more and more dismal. Consider the results of NumbersUSA calculating grades based on every vote and co-sponsorship of the last two years: ” 42% of the 535 Members earned a NumbersUSA grade of D+ or LOWER for their actions ” 25% earned an F or F-minus, with most of them getting a 0%.

With some difficulty Beck selected this special 50

All 50 ”Deserters” on this list: ” received grades of F-minus and 0%, failing to take a single action to reduce competition for jobless Americans. ” are asking voters to re-elect them to Congress this November ” are in the Senate or in the House where they are leaders with special opportunity to influence policy toward jobless Americans because they either are congressional chairmen, leaders of their Party or on the Judiciary Committee with direct jurisdiction over immigration.

Roy Beck is a notorious Teddy Bear, so will ask the question for which NumbersUSA no doubt lacks the steel: Why are so many of this crew Black?

Ethnically, the breakdown is

12 Blacks

8 Jews 

6 Hispanics

1 Chinese

1 Arab

To this one could add the self-proclaimed first openly lesbian Congresswoman on the grounds that politically homosexuals operate like an ethnic minority.

So 29 out of the 50 are functioning as anti-majority operatives, but at least the others could also be said to be advancing the interests of their people—somewhat vicariously, in the case of the Jews.

But there can be no doubt that flooding the country with unskilled workers has been a disaster for American Blacks, reducing their employment, depressing their incomes, and actually endangering them.

So why do Black Congresscritters comprise a quarter of the House tally on this list—all certain to be re elected? Don’t they care about their fellow Blacks?

It has to be said that the Congressional Black Caucus in general is a remarkable concentration of moral turpitude. This particular collection is graced not only by Rep Charles Rangel but also the astonishing Alcee Hastings—the Federal Judge impeached by a Democratic Congress for corruption but subsequently elected to the House by Florida’s 23rd district.

Significantly the one with the most elite education — Mel Watts (NC-12th) - seems to spend most of his time running interference for various financial institutions, including marshalling the Black Caucus, bizarrely, to oppose Ron Paul’s efforts to audit the Federal Reserve.

Maybe Open Borderism is where the money is.

But I suspect worse: all but three are members of the hard-left Congressional Progressive Caucus (chaired by our old friend Raul Grijalva)—as are most of the ”Worst 50”.

This is a case of hatred for white American society transcending any other consideration. Third world immigration is a weapon.

These black Congressmen will still be there after tomorrow, hating America.

So will President Obama.


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