NRO's Isaac Schorr Casually Smears Us As White Supremacist...Again
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Earlier: A Reader Says NATIONAL REVIEW Is STILL Trying To Tone-Police "Anti-Immigrant" Republicans—Including Lauren Witzke

NRO's Isaac Schorr is one of the extremely young people National Review Online hires to bring their whatever-generation-that-is perspective to grownup conservative issues.

He's seen below with NRO's ur-Cuckservative David French:

Schorr's latest is an attack on young patriotic immigration-reforming conservatives who aren't in the NRO mold, and who consort with forbidden conservatives, usually people who've been in the conservative movement, and in some cases writing for National Review (famous for its regular purges) before he was born.

In this one, he casually smears as "white supremacist", which is sort of the same thing we're suing the New York Times for.

He doesn't like the group College Republicans United  [CRU ]

CRU is a splinter group and “independently established America First organization” with a mission of “educating members on the importance of traditional values, practices, and mindsets.” Expressing discontent with the “neglect” of the national College Republicans National Committee (CRNC) umbrella organization and “qualms” with the state federation, the U of A board on which Zhang serves resolved to move “away from the ‘do nothing’ politics of yesteryear.”

Lest you dismiss the differences between CRNC and CRU as superficial, consider that CRU cites Lauren Witzke — the failed Delaware Senate candidate who granted an interview to the white supremacist website VDARE — and self-proclaimed “mommy” of the white nationalist “groypers,” Michelle Malkin, as its top two listings under the testimonial section.

 A Trumpian College Republican Splinter Group Shows the Intra-GOP Fight Is Just Beginning By Isaac Schorr,  June 2, 2021

Some points:

  • Lauren Witzke is only as "failed" a candidate as any other Republican in Delaware: she did about as well in the general election as Christine O'Donnell in 2010.
  • We are simply not a white supremacist site by any reasonable definition...unlike National Review, which is on record, under the late Bill Buckley,  as having supported segregation when that was a thing [The Decline of National Review, American Renaissance, September, 2000].
  • We're a journalistic organization, like National Review and the New York Times. If politicians are allowed to ask if journalists are Goodthinkful before granting interviews, then what happens to journalism?
  • Lauren Witzke's most notable position, which is why we interviewed her, is an Immigration Moratorium, a position first floated in the latter half of the 20th century, in the pages of National Review...and never mentioned by Schorr, at any point.
  • Finally, after the "Never Trump" attacks before the election of President Trump, and its consistent opposition to his policies, National Review is simply no longer in a position to "tone police" conservatism.

Trump proved that in 2016, and we intend to keep proving it.

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