A Reader Says NATIONAL REVIEW Is STILL Trying To Tone-Police "Anti-Immigrant" Republicans—Including Lauren Witzke
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Re: VDARE.com Interviews GOP Senate Candidate Lauren Witzke On Her Call For An Immigration Moratorium

From: A VDARE.com Reader [Email him]

With the clear and present danger of the election of the senile Joe Biden and the "woke" Kamala Harris as consecutive presidents with their attendant radical left politics to include virtually eliminating border enforcement, National Review has deemed it more important to do hit pieces on four(!) Republican immigration patriot women who are running for office in 2020!

Specifically, in the article 'The GOP is Not Destined to Be Dominated by Cranks', author Isaac Schorr [Tweet him] trashes the courageous Laura Loomer (FL 21st CD) as "execrable."  Her crime, I suppose, is correlating the horrors of the 9/11 attacks with the immigrants that perpetrated them and not wanting that repeated.

Lauren Witzke is damned by Schorr for her frank assessment of the negative impacts of third world immigration, and for...gasp...participating in a VDARE interview with Peter Brimelow!  

Last Wednesday, Witzke tweeted, “Most third-world migrants can not assimilate into civil societies. Prove me wrong.” This wasn’t the first time she made plain her disgustingly disparaging views on immigrants.

The also "execrable" Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA 14th CD) is excoriated by Schorr for believing in the QAnon theory, and the National Review "Editors" have hypocritically gone full "cancel culture" on her stating:

House Republicans should go further and deny Greene committee assignments when she arrives in Congress in January. Stripping Iowa Republican Steve King of his committee seats in 2019 sent a message that there are boundaries of decency in the GOP that should not be crossed, and it signaled to GOP primary voters in Iowa that they should choose more wisely next time they had an opportunity.

I am not a believer in the QAnon theory, but if a representative has the right positions on the critical issue of immigration I could not care less about QAnon.

And Schorr goes absolutely rabid in attacking Kelly Loeffler (Numbers USA Rating A+), who is running for US Senate in GA.  In his article "Kelly Loeffler Is Unfit for Office" Schorr states the following:

It’s just my luck that on the very day that I publish an article entitled “The GOP Is Not Destined to Be Dominated by Cranks,” an incumbent Republican senator is celebrating an endorsement from the execrable Marjorie Tayor [sic] Greene. I stand behind the thesis of my piece, but for now I’ll move on to the more important business of stating the obvious: Kelly Loeffler is unfit for office.

Articles such as these may cause one to believe National Review's primary charter is still "keeping the right in line" even if it results in the loss of elections and the ascendancy of the left.  Although, in fact it may actually prefer that status of dhimmitude.  As to the writing style of Isaac Schorr I keep asking myself...is this all a joke?  It's as if he is channeling George Costanza of Seinfeld.

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