NR's Mona Charen Goes Cultural Marxist On Those Who Oppose Illegal Aliens—Don't Mention The Rapes!
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Well, National Review has decided to go full Cultural Marxist on amnesty and illegal immigration. After Heather Wilhelm repeated the Kevin Williamson excuses for illegal immigration and his laughable claims about the border fence, Mona Charen, the always dependable leftist at NR, has gone and repeated every left wing talking point and lie about illegal aliens and crime.

She even defends by implication letting the illegal alien rapists of a 14 year old girl at the Montgomery County school in the United States as the cost of cheap labor. Subtitled "We’re against emotionalism, except when we’re not," Charen plays the classic "I'm the moderate, reasonable conservative in this conversation" virtue signalling New York City leftists, apparently so she can continue to get those dinner invitations.

It’s a shame then, that so many conservatives are disregarding the virtues they laud in Gorsuch — prudence, careful weighing of facts, refusal to be swayed by emotional appeals — when it comes to a disturbing story of a rape in Maryland.
[Good, Bad, and Emotional Arguments about Immigration, by Mona Charen, NR, March 22, 2017]
You see, it is only those troglodytes at Breitbart or on Twitter that are emotional about the rape and sodomization of a 14 year old girl by two illegal aliens, one of them obviously too old to be a freshman in a high school. But that is how NeverTrumpers roll. Any issue, including child rape, is to be supported if Donald J. Trump opposes it. Talk about an emotional rather than prudential response! One gets the feeling that Charen just doesn't like Americans that much.

Charen has become increasingly unbalanced since the rise of Donald J. Trump and this screed is not surprising. She becomes a cold-hearted witch further in:

Emotional reactions to heinous crimes are completely understandable, but as Judge Gorsuch has properly reminded us, our feelings are not a good guide to justice. Neither are they a prescription for sensible policy. Quite the opposite.
Then she goes from the disgusting to the mere deluded, claiming illegal aliens are better than Americans, since their crime rate is much lower than your average American. She does not note that American crime statistics are skewed high by predominately black crime. Now pointing that out would certainly end invitations to Manhattan cocktail parties.
There are good and bad arguments against immigration. I am sympathetic to some restrictionist points, but smearing immigrants as out-of-control criminals is shameful. High rates of immigration, legal and illegal, are not associated with spikes in crime. In our recent history, between 1990 and 2013, the illegal immigrant population in the U.S. more than tripled to 11.2 million. Yet FBI data indicate that the violent-crime rate declined by 48 percent during those years. This included violent crimes like aggravated assault, robbery, rape, and murder. Rates of property crime fell by 41 percent, including declining rates of motor-vehicle theft, larceny/robbery, and burglary. As a survey by the Cato Institute shows, immigrants — both legal and illegal — are less likely to be incarcerated than native-born Americans. And when you exclude those illegal immigrants who are jailed for immigration offenses (i.e., just for being here illegally), the numbers really plunge.
Of course, you have to ignore the inconvenient immigration related crimes by illegal aliens, which she appears to presume is merely the crime of illegal entry, but does not mention that explicitly. She does not even think some of those illegal entry crimes are by re-entry by felon or re-entry after a deportation, crimes much more serious that a single illegal entry, so much so that the second crime is punishable by up to 20 years in prison. In fact, every illegal alien is a criminal, except minors, in that illegal entry is a crime, either by entry without inspection (EWI) or by fraud during inspection and admission.

This myth of the law abiding illegal alien that Charen holds so dear is that, a myth, and something that the radical left loves to claim, like when they claim there are more white American terrorists than Muslim terrorists, usually with the caveat "since 9/11," as if 9/11 was something out of the normal for Muslims. Similarly Charen says illegals are more law abiding, if you ignore that part that makes them illegal. Charen is part of the Blame America First crowd and the actual evidence of illegal alien crime is quite strong. Ann Coulter, among others, has debunked Charen's claim not only in her book, Adios America but in this convenient video as well:

The Center For Immigration Studies also debunks the myth of the law abiding illegal alien:
All of these illegal alien apologists acknowledge in one way or another that up to 75 percent of illegal aliens routinely commit multiple felonies by using fraudulent documents in order to get jobs and that eight million of 11 million illegal aliens could be deported for crimes that they commit — forgery, Social Security fraud, perjury on I-9 forms, and even identity theft. All of these are felonies. Despite this, the Wall Street Journal, through fake-news story after fake-news story, continues to deny that illegal aliens commit crimes and continues to push the myth that illegal aliens are law-abiding. Thus, in order to perpetuate the myth of the law-abiding illegal alien, the Wall Street Journal is forced to distinguish between "serious crimes" and "not serious crimes."
Exactly how the Journal does this is unclear, but it may be that if someone commits a violent act against a Wall Street Journal editorial writer that would be considered a "serious crime." However, if an illegal alien uses "illegal documents" with the personal identifying information of an American child, that would not be a serious crime, as long as it wasn't the editorialist's child, even though the American child's credit could be destroyed, her medical records could be corrupted with life-threatening consequences, arrest records and criminal convictions could be attached to her Social Security number, and she could be denied means-tested benefits.
[Illegal Alien Crime Deniers: Wall Street Journal, By Ronald W. Mortensen, CIS, March 18, 2017]
Charen doesn't get out of the Manhattan elite bubble and is not intellectually curious to know that the scholarly work on illegal alien crime is not as clear cut as she claims.
Illegal immigration and crime became a hot topic this election cycle as soon as Donald Trump burst into the Republican primary with his call to build a wall to keep criminal illegal aliens out of the country. Such policy discussions have fallen by the wayside as the election cycle morphed into a mudslinging fight of personal insults and accusations of sexual assaults, but the link between illegal immigration and crime is still worth discussing, especially since Trump's initial highlighting of the issue fueled his rise.
[9 Things You Need To Know About Illegal Immigration And Crime, by Aaron Bandler, The Daily Wire, October 22, 2016]
And the most trenchant reason is that the government is deliberately not telling us about illegal alien crime:
1. Federal, state and local governments keep data involving illegal immigration and crime out of the public purview. Fox News reported in 2015 that a source from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said "that comprehensive statistics on illegal immigrant crime are not available from the federal government, and suggested contacting county, state and federal jail and prison systems individually to compose a tally, a process that would encompass thousands of local departments."
Former Department of Justice attorney J. Christian Adams also told Fox News that some states do readily track illegal immigration and crime, but they withhold the specific numbers from the public out of fear of backlash from the federal government or for political purposes.
So while there may be some debate about illegal alien crime, Charen, for some reason, categorically states there is no problem. Why? Most likely it is Trump Derangement Syndrome, that something many NR pointy headed intellectuals suffer from. And they just don't really care about the real American victims of alien crime. To elites like Charen, you have to break a few eggs to get cheap domestic labor, and maintain your viability and spot on invitation list among the Radical Chic set on the Upper West Side. Those eggs are raped and murdered Americans.
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