NR's Kevin Williamson Worries Trump Offending Hispanic "Natural Conservatives"
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National Review's Kevin Williamson [Email him]has discovered the reason why Hispanics won't vote for the Republican Party. It's because of... Donald Trump.
The threat isn’t Hispanic voters’ fixation on immigration. The threat is Anglo voters’ fixation on immigration. The rhetoric surrounding immigration often is ugly and stupid — our friends at the Center for Immigration Studies just last week published some unfortunately sneering remarks about Hispanics being “natural conservatives” — but, what’s worse, it is, thanks in no small part to Trump-ism, bound up in a nasty species of white identity politics that crowds out other issues.

[In Dallas, Scenes from a GOP FuneralNational Review, May 18, 2016]

Rush Limbaugh pointed out the fallacy of this approach many years ago when George W. Bush wanted to inflict an Amnesty/Immigration Surge on us. All it takes is one Republican Congressman to oppose mass immigration and the Main Stream Media will paint the entire GOP as "anti-immigration." And of course, at least one Congressman will oppose it because mass immigration is objectively speaking a bad policy which hurts Americans, especially European-Americans.

If you want to win the Hispanic vote, it's actually pretty simple. Support more social programs. Support increased spending on Medicare. Abandon any rhetorical commitment to limited government. Besides, it's not like the GOP has anything to show for a half century of such rhetoric anyway. If you actually want limited government, you have to stop mass immigration.

Oh, the Beltway Right wants to just offer the same Republican agenda but with support for liberalized immigration? Well, then they still won't vote for you.

Jonah Goldberg claims "conservatism isn't dead" [Despite the Rise of Trump, Conservatism Isn't Dead YetNational Review, May 18, 2016]

No it's not, but soon mass immigration will turn Texas into a blue state, just as it did California. And then conservatism is dead, at least nationally.

It's not like everyone doesn't see this coming. And what's the Beltway Right's solution? Whining about Donald Trump.

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