Sailer TAKIMAG Column on Brexit: "The Immigration Gambit"
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From Taki’s Magazine:

The Immigration Gambit

by Steve Sailer, May 18, 2016

I haven’t actually made up my mind about this whole Brexit thing.

The British will vote in a referendum on whether to leave the European Union on June 23, but the debate has gotten bogged down because of the limits on respectable opinion. The two allowable views are that Britain should leave because other Europeans are hateful, or that Europe should stay united so it can let in more non-Europeans.

The notion that Europeans might favor each other over outsiders (its founding idea) is today unthinkably racist.

Yet the main problems driving support for Britain exiting are immigration and the English fear that the EU is increasingly a mask for German mastery, hand in glove with Germany’s Great War ally Turkey.

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