NPR Reporter: "A Collective Sigh Of Brown Relief When The Tucson Killer Turned Out To Be A Gringo"—But She Was Never In Any Danger
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Hispanic NPR reporter Daisy Hernandez, [Email her]says she's glad that the shooter wasn't Hispanic:
I wasn't the only person on Saturday who rushed to her Android when news came of the Tucson shooting. I wasn't looking however to read about what had happened. My auntie had already filled me in —  "Someone tried to murder una representante. People have been killed," she'd reported. What I wanted to know was the killer's surname.

My eyes scanned the mobile papers. I held my breath. Finally, I saw it: Jared Loughner. Not a Ramirez, Gonzalez or Garcia.

It's safe to say there was a collective sigh of brown relief when the Tucson killer turned out to be a gringo. Had the shooter been Latino, media pundits wouldn't be discussing the impact of nasty politics on a young man this week — they'd be demanding an even more stringent anti-immigrant policy. The new members of the House would be stepping over each other to propose new legislation for more guns on the border, more mothers to be deported, and more employers to be penalized for hiring brown people. Obama would be attending funerals and telling the nation tonight that he was going to increase security just about everywhere.

Across America, Latino Community Sighs With Relief by Daisy Hernandez, NPR, January 12, 2011

Nonsense! Muslim Arabs killed three thousand people nine years ago, without provoking that kind of response. The Railway Killer didn't provoke that kind of response. Hispanics, including armed criminal gangs like Mara Salvatrucha, really do kill Americans (and each other) every day without provoking that kind of response.

And she seems to think this tragedy is somehow about her  Hispanics:

"[I]t was only after I saw the shooter's gringo surname that I was able to go on and read the rest of the news about those who lost their lives on Saturday and those who, like Rep. Giffords, were severely wounded. I admit also that I felt some small relief in knowing that at least this shooting wouldn't be used as a reason for yet another backlash against immigrants, or at least that's what I'm hoping. In this political climate, it's hard to tell."
One blogger's response was "I think she's forgotten who took the bullets here, don't you?"

Indeed. Obviously there shouldn't be backlash against Hispanics for what Jared Loughner did, but maybe there should be backlash, in the shape of one of those famous politically correct NPR firings, for what Daisy Hernandez said.

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