An Australian Reader Reports Kim Kardashian Deported From Australia—Bag And Baggage
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Kim KardashianAn Australian Reader [Email him]

You might be interested to know, and Peter Brimelow might be interested to know  (if he doesn't already), that illegal immigrants in Australia are now getting rather more media coverage than they have for many many years. Here's an item from an Adelaide tabloid, The Advertiser:58,000 illegal immigrants in Australia have arrived by plane, by Miles Kemp and Peter Mickelburough, November 21, 2011.

Generally illegals have overstayed their tourist or working-vacation visas; less often, they've overstayed their university student visas. Australia's new Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard - give the devil her due - did crack down a bit on illegals during 2010.

Recently the powers-that-be nabbed Kim Kardashian (!) for breaching the rules of her tourist permit, and told her in no uncertain terms to shake her booty somewhere else. So the existing Australian laws can be enforced on occasion. And all it would need would be enforcement of the existing laws; we don't need any new ones.

James Fulford writes: Ms. Kardashian was not deported for excessive booty-shaking, not an offence under Australian law, but for lying to immigration officials, saying she was a tourist. Actually, she was there on business. According to the Herald-Sun,

"She was here to launch her handbag range and in-store appearances had been widely advertised, and made even more prominent because she had split with husband Kris Humphries.

The launch in Sydney attracted worldwide headlines and coverage - and did not go unnoticed at the Immigration Department."

Either Ms. Kardashian doesn't think the rules apply to her, or she doesn't believe immigration officers can read.

P.S. This letter was written last year. For those not interested in Australian immigration enforcement,  a more recent shot of Ms. Kardashian in a bikini is here.

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