Now Dick Morris Is Noticing The Marriage Gap! What's Next, The White Share?
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On November 6, Peter Brimelow wrote that"amazingly, the boringly conventional liberal MSM (but I repeat myself) webzine SLATE has discovered that, contrary to the War on Women MSM/ Democrat narrative, Actually, White Women Voted for Ken Cuccinelli [by Amanda Marcotte, November 6, 2013]."

Brimelow's post was called Cuccinelli Controversy Continues: SLATE Discovers White Women! Marriage Gap Next?

Well, it turns out that it was next,  because Dick Morris has discovered the "Marriage Gap"

The Virginia election returns confirm what political insiders have known for many decades — that the real gap in our politics is not between men and women, but between married men and married women on the one hand and single men and single women on the other. It doesn’t matter if you are divorced, separated, widowed or never married. If you are single you are much more likely to vote Democratic. [It’s Marriage Gap, Not Gender Gap,By Dick Morris on November 8, 2013]

Of course, this is something Steve Sailer has been writing about since 2004, in Democrats Recoil From GOP's Electoral Secret: Marriage Plus Children, although perhaps the first time called it the "Marriage Gap" was in 2005, when he wrote

the single best correlation with Bush's share of the vote by state that anybody has yet found is: the average years married by white women between age 18 and 44: an astonishing r-squared = 83 percent.

(This has to be one of the highest r-squareds for a single factor ever seen in political science.)

Bush carried the top 25 states ranked on "years married."

So what are  Morris  and Slate going to notice next, the GOP's low white share? We've  been writing about that since the year 2000,

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