November Book Club Content Posted! Enter Our Raffle And Find Out Who's Funding Open Borders Inc.
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New Content Posted! Make sure you are subscribed to the Book Club [click here to join!] by Tuesday Nov. 10th to win a copy of Michelle Malkin's Open Borders Inc.: Who's Funding America's Destruction?

In her 2019 exposé Open Borders Inc., during Trump's third year in office, Michelle Malkin predicted this moment:

“It may seem paradoxical at this pivotal moment in American political history, with a president in office who is more vocal than any other on fundamental issues of sovereignty and self-determination, that America First voices are being stifled… But it makes perfect sense. Globalists are doing everything in their power to deny President Trump reelection in 2020.” p. xxi

Of course, this is now happening. Unlike the elected executive office, globalists, NGOs, and other unelected organizations with extraordinary finances wield enormous power. The president himself is censored on social media—arguably election interference [Allum Bokhari’s Deleted: GOP, Trump Learn The Hard Way—Laura Loomer Was Right!, by James Kirkpatrick on October 15, 2020]. And by the way, who's funding these ballot harvesting schemes?

The fearless Michelle Malkin tackles the Soros Question, now verboten, naming ten categories of organizations receiving Open Society Foundations grants that are working to dissolve national sovereignty. But she doesn't stop there. Her findings expose the SPLC "Hate Machine," Antifa, Hollywood, and the "alphabet soup" of NGOs working to undermine our country. 

In November and December, read with us here! As Malkin says, "Follow the money, find the truth." 

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