Normalizing The F-word
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I had things to say  about the normalizing of the f-word in my January Diary.

To judge by this story in the February 2nd Daily Mail, I didn't know the half of it.

A straight-speaking teenage boy left Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at a loss for words during their visit to Bristol Old Vic yesterday.

While touring the historic theatre the royal couple stopped to chat with youngsters about their experiences and being on the stage.

One young lad surprised them when he blurted out 'You can't just be f***ing around on stage' while chatting about acting. 

The couple are taken aback by the outburst, but take it in their stride and do not make a big deal out of the unusual exchange. [The Royal pardon me! Teenager stuns Harry and Meghan as he drops the F-BOMB in chat with couple during their visit to Bristol theatre by Bryony Jewell; MailOnline, February 2nd 2019.]

That's not quite the Royal Seal of Approval, but we're getting there.


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