No Jail For Black Dunkin’ Worker Who Punched Elderly White Man To Death
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Earlier: Black Male Dunkin' Worker Kills 77-Year-Old With One Punch

Earlier I wrote about Vonelle Cook, the 77-year-old white man killed by Corey Pujols, a black Dunkin’ employee, in a verbal spat about customer service.

Pujols has now been sentenced to house arrest [Dunkin’ worker sentenced to house arrest after fatally punching irate customer, AP, March 8, 2022].

In comparing the severity of the crime to the punishment, it's as if the charges against Pujols were simply dismissed.

The prosecutors openly admit that Pujol's status as a black man aggrieved by a racial slur (assuming this is even true—I would like to know if the investigation corroborated this) drove the light treatment.

The street reality is this: a white man who calls a black man the n-word is a dead man. This is because, duh, the social power alignments have flipped in the past 50 years, and in the past five, have accelerated to the point that a black man can say anything, while a white man can say nothing.

That may or may not be fair, but it's true.

Tips for whites:

  • Don't use racial slurs. Don't even use words that could be deemed racial slurs.
  • Be aware that even if you don’t use a slur, a false accusation of a slur is a possible tactic against you. It will be as unquestioned and powerful as the real thing.
  • Be aware that actual use of a slur against you, as a white person, counts for nothing.
  • Don't engage with black people you don't know. At least, any more than you absolutely have to. And then, proceed with extreme caution. They are more emboldened to harm you than they have ever been, at any time in the history of this country.
  • In the unfortunate case where you must defend yourself—physically or otherwise—just realize that when the dust settles, you will be Hitler and the black person will be Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • You will have no friends. The police may sound sympathetic at first, but they ultimately won't be. The press, the prosecutors, the judges, your employer—they will all stand against you. Your own lawyer may cave under the social pressure.

John Derbyshire’s version of The Talk  still holds.

I might add:

“And kids, know that everything I just advised is itself undiscussable with the world at large. If you tell anyone I told you this stuff, someone would call the child protection agency.”

Bonus tip for Asian women: stand in the middle of the subway platform. Keep looking in all directions. If a black person approaches and tries to engage, try pretending that your cellphone has just rung, and it’s prompted you to start walking away.

As the liberals say, “Stay safe!”


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